Ditch The Sugary Drinks


In 2004, Kara Goldin was 50 pounds overweight, felt sluggish all the time, and had stomach issues and adult acne. Doctors said her metabolism was slowing due to age and that she needed medication.

However, Kara wasn’t convinced that pills were the answer, so she started taking a closer look at what she was putting in her body. Then one day, she read the label of a Diet Coke.

“I didn’t even recognize most of the ingredients,” she said. “And I was drinking multiple cans a day of this stuff. So I decided to cut it out of my diet completely.”

The only problem was that Kara wasn’t a big fan of water. “It was just too bland for me.” So she went to the local Whole Foods to find water with a little bit of flavor (but no sugar or sweeteners) to replace her Diet Cokes.

So Kara began making a fruit infused water of her own at home. Her family and friends tried the beverage and gave it 5-star reviews. She thought, “Maybe other people will appreciate this water with a hint of flavor too.”

“And I really didn’t want to launch Hint,” said Kara. “I mean, in my head it was like, ‘This is not what I should be doing. I’m a tech person. I know nothing about the beverage industry. Somebody else should be starting this Hint company.’”

However, since it was such a personal problem for her, Kara was able to overlook all of the potential hindrances.

“I knew I couldn’t go back to being hooked on sweeteners. I just couldn’t. I also knew there were plenty of other people out there just like me.”

Kara’s revolutionary Hint Water is making waves, and is giving countless others the upper-hand in their battle to improve their health by kicking their sugar habits. Troy Petrunoff, a writer for the Huffingtonpost, followed Kara’s lead and started using Hint to fight off his sweet-tooth.

Despite having strict eating and exercise habits, Troy’s ‘Dad-Bod’ wasn’t going anywhere. Why wasn’t his time at the gym paying off like he had hoped? And then one day Troy took a look at the nutrition facts of his favorite sports drink and his jaw-dropped. The sports drink contained as much sugar as a can of soda, and was keeping him from making the gains he wanted.

However, these sugary sports drinks had become a crucial part of his workouts, providing him a tasty and refreshing reward that he needed a replacement for ASAP.

Troy took to the internet to find something that had all the flavor but none of the calories that his sneaky sports drinks had. That’s when he came across Kara’s brand, Hint. It was the perfect solution to his problem, with all the flavor and none of the sugar.

After making this switch to Hint, some serious progress followed. Now that he has the body that he always wanted, he says that “sugary sports drinks were 100% the reason my efforts to get healthy weren’t paying off”.